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Saturday, June 5, 2021

 June 5, 2021

Just a quick post and a couple of pictures!

The Calendula are starting to bloom!

The grapes are leafing out, and we are ready to remove the original mulch, and put the weed barrier on them, and new mulch.  We did not put the barrier down originally, because I was worried it wouldn’t allow as much water as they needed for beginning growth.
Have a great weekend y’all!


  1. Looking very good! Once they get going, those grapes will take off! My calendula are just two tiny leaves so far.

  2. Yep, least that is what we are hoping for. We have 4 plants out of the 10, that show no sign of growth, but I am still hopeful! This rain is certainly helping to move things along! Have you had any rain?

    1. Yes, a bit. About a quarter of an inch on Saturday. It has then proceeded to get extremely hot and humid, in the low 30'sC, (86F) with a humidex of 38C (100F) That is it for the next few days, with maybe a pop-up's hoping! We are located in the Rain Shadow of the Algonquin Dome, which are highlands in A. Park. Weather comes from the west, across the Great Lakes, hits the Dome and drops most of the moisture on the west side of the Park. We watch the weather radar and can see the green mass of moisture dissipate over the Park before it gets to us.

    2. We sometimes have that very strange thing happen here. The first summer we were here, we had so little rain, that we named the ridge, “Dry Ridge”. That has not been the case this year, and we are extremely thankful! Hoping for your precipitation soon!

    3. Hooray!! Yesterday PM and last night, two pop-ups and 7/8 of an inch in total! I am one happy gardener today!!