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Wednesday, June 2, 2021

 June 2, 2021

Our first harvest of Sugar Snap Pea’s!

 We are very pleased with the garden beds, so far.
The sugar snap peas are on the right side bed.

Along with the joy of the garden, we have been busy with some vegetation removal and bucking logs for lumber and creating firewood.  

Have a great week y’all!


  1. What a treasure trove of green and growing things! Those tank beds sure look lovely! How often do you have to water them? What a difference a few degrees of latitude make. We are just getting our heat loving crop's seeds in the ground now. Peas are up about 8 inches, a few of the top leaves are yellowed by the frost we had over the past weekend.

  2. Thank you Rosalea! We have only watered approx every other day, and most time we have been getting rain about every third day, so watering has not been regular. Hard to believe you had a frost, this late in spring. I had picked up some cauliflower from a box store, and they were infested with cut worms. I didn’t catch them, until the worm were into some of my beautiful broccoli. Treated everything with neem oil, and added borax to the soil. Live and learn, don’t count on box store plants!

    1. Yes, I prefer to grow my own. Send some of that rain our way, eh? We are heading into drought conditions across the province. Thankfully we have a good water source and I can keep everything watered, but it is never as good as Mother Nature does!

    2. Yes, Rosalea, we are thankful for the rain this year! Last year we had a terrible drought, and my corn completely burnt up, because I had to water with city water. I have decided to purchase corn this year, as we have a large Amish community that raises the best corn ever! I will sent some rain your! As if I could, but I really would if I could!