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Thursday, May 6, 2021

 May 6, 2021

We are very happy to welcome our first arrivals of spring!

Yes, they were eaten just after this post!
I have ordered the netting to cover the plants this year, because the birds beat us to them last year.

Spring flowers make me smile!
We are getting along well with the orchard, and will post photos soon! Have a perfect weekend y’all?


  1. Those berries look absolutely delicious! We have wild ones starting to bloom. Hubby screened in my strawberry raised bed with hardware cloth, and made removable framed hardware cloth lids. Still too cold to pull back the leaf mulch. Soon though! Beautiful iris.

    1. Thanks Rosalea! We did enjoy the mini taste...Ha! We have double the blooms this year, than last year. We opted for the nylon mesh covering, but your wire framed seem a lot more sturdy. My strawberries are in 4 Earth Box containers, and they seem to do well, but it does make netting them somewhat of a challenge. We have 12 of the earth boxes, and have experimented with them for 3 years, to find what plants like them the far, strawberries are the number one producers in them. I did cover the plants with hay this winter, as well. They seemed to do just fine snuggled in the hay through the freezing temps and snow, so that was a win! Hope your temps increase soon! Have a happy weekend!