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Tuesday, April 27, 2021

 April 27, 2021

Finally finished our first round of mowing, and it’s onward to some dirt work in the fields.

There are some voids in the soil, and some run off areas that need some fill, so we will be working on that the remainder of the week.

The new garden beds are working great, so I am including photos of the set up that we used.

We have 6 water troughs total, and if they do well this year, I will probably add more next year.

We put rocks around the drain and then added large limbs, sticks and wood chunks at the bottom.  The next layer was dirt mixed with cow manure.  The next layer was mulch leaves, hay and compost from last year.  The next layer was our red dirt, and the final layer was horse poo from last summer.  

We then installed the cages for compost, like a key hole garden, but in an oval trough.

I used the wire mesh, and made them the size to match the metal pie pans for lids.
Have a great week everyone!


  1. Love your 'trough gardens'! No bending over to tend them! Did you put compost cages in every one? How long has it been since your property was worked?

    1. Good Morning Rosalea! Yes, there are compost cages in every trough. Our farm was vacated for three years, but had been leased out to GMO growers, for corn and soybeans. We have been here for three years, and when we closed on the property, it was in January. We didn’t actually move in until June, due to the remodel projects needed in the farm house, and the fact that we had a lot of properties to disperse in Florida. By the time we got the tractor in place to mow, the vegetation had grown taller than the tractor! We just, this year, finally have some established grass, and can hopefully by next year, have some good hay fields. It has been a labor of love, for sure!

  2. What an excellent idea. I'm guessing your garden beds will do really well, so please update regularly!