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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

 May 11, 2021

We have finally finished planting the fruit trees, but are still working on the grape trellises.  One of the items we had been shopping for, was a post hole digger.  We had shopped for the three point hitch type, which hook to the tractor, and the hand held units.  We opted for the hand held unit, because the usage of the tool would be so minimal, it did not warrant the price for the three point hitch type.

We went to Harbor Freight, and are very impressed with this little tool!  The price was right, also!

I was a little concerned, because I didn’t know how many rocks we might hit, and as it turned out, we didn’t have hardly any!

So, we have planted the following

2 Bartlett Pears

1 Elberta Peach

1 Hale Haven Peach

2 Honey Crisp Apples

1 Wolf River Apple

1 Winesap Apple

1 Gala Apple

Each hole had to have some hand digging, because the auger on the post hole digger was only 6 inches.

We are setting up irrigation and will mulch each tree, but that’s it so far.  We are working on the grape trellises today, and will update on that project later.

Hope y’all get a good week!


  1. That's a beauty! And what a lovely list of trees. rocks? That wouldn't happen here!! I have to keep a bucket with me any time I dig anything. It is my rock bucket! Looking forward to seeing the grape trellises.

    1. Thanks, Rosalea! We are very pleased, and yes, we will certainly be checking back in with the trellises project. The trees are getting a good work out, as we have been having very strong winds here on the ridge, since we planted. I guess it’s good for them to get used to it, but dang...would have liked for them to get a couple of week’s settling in to their new home... lol... such is life on a homestead! Get a great week!

  2. What a fantastic orchard you have going! It's amazing you didn't hit many rocks; those gas-powered diggers can really buck when you hit rocks! (The voice of experience here, lol). Dan eventually found a PTO-powered post hole digger on craigslist for very cheap. You're right that they don't get used a lot, but they sure do come in handy to have.

    1. That is something we were concerned about for sure...nobody likes to be tossed around and thrown in the dirt! Ha! We still have a plum to get in the orchard, and want to get a couple of cherry trees, but I am extremely conflicted about which ones I want. The grapes we choose were the Concord, and we will have 10 of those. We are still looking for the tractor post hole digger, and like Dan, we do a lot of looking on Craigs list, and at auctions, but we got the little guy for now. Thanks for stopping by!