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Thursday, May 13, 2021

 May 13, 2021

Just an update on the orchard, and some garden photos.  

We first put mulch all around each tree.  I wanted to get some bark protectors, but everything I saw was on back order, so we had some old corrugated perforated pipe in the barn.  They use it to move water away from buildings, etc.  I thought since it was some tough plastic, that we could cut it, and fix our own bark protectors.

We cut them 9 inches long and used tin snips to split them.  Then we carefully placed them around the little trees.

They seem very content!

The above photo is a tub of broccoli and my sugar snap peas.  Everybody seems to be happy!
We planted these cabbages on the same day, and I think it is evident that they prefer the big boxes, to my little grow boxes.

Guess I might try to transplant them into a big box.

There you have it! Life at the Ridge Tails Farm!


  1. Wow! Did you transplant those plants, or did they grow from seed. Seems to me that you just created those 'tank' gardens! They all look beautiful!

  2. We get some starts from a sweet lady we know who loves to start seeds, and we grow them and share with her, and some starts we get from our Amish community. The only seeds we plant, are what is direct sown, peas, beans, calendula, onion sets, potato slips, etc. The new tubs seem to be doing very well, but it’s early on. We will learn how they hold up throughout the summer...fingers crossed!