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Friday, January 1, 2021

Rewards from winter chores

 We have been busy doing some winter projects along our fence lines and in the wooded areas.

This is the perfect time of year to clean and clear because the vegetation has died back from the cold.

Cleaning the dead fall branches out of the woods, helps to keep the woods clean around the black walnut trees, and helps keep briars and vines from having a home to establish.

The fence lines are also easier to clean this time of year, as a lot of the vines are dormant as well.

The benefits of all this cutting and clearing is the wonderful wood for our cowboy fire pit!  We have a lot of bonfires, and prefer not to use the wood stove wood.

So a couple of loads of waste limbs and trimmed material, equals a good start for the summer bonfires.

Three ricks so far, and still counting.  We have black walnut, sassafras, white oak, wild cherry, cedar and pine, aging for summer!  Such a nice reward for just a little work, and we are enjoying less clutter in the woods and the fence lines are looking terrific!  


  1. What a great idea for your waste wood! Winter is truly an excellent time for clearing fence lines and doing fence repairs.

    1. It sure looks better, and keeps us warm while exercising! Win !

  2. So.... You have all the sunshine!! Send some our way! Spring and summer is when we do our clearing up of trails. Woodcutting is a winter job, at least until the snow gets too deep. Good looking piles.

  3. Thanks Rosales! We are having sunshine, but it is not at all warm! It is however, great weather for hot coffee! Ha!