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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

 January 27, 2021

Here it is nearing the end of January, and we are still in the process of clearing fence lines.  Our little farm had been vacated for three years before we bought it, and we have been here for three years.  The fence lines were not on the immediate need, so at least 6 years of growth have stared at us long enough! 

So, a lot of tedious trimming and a lot of piles of scrap to enjoy.

So loading up all of the waste material is very important.

Taking it all to the garden for a future project that will be reviled here in the very near future...stay tuned!




  1. Lookin' good! Are you going to make some hugelkultur beds?

    1. Sort of... let’s just say, mini versions... lol. I’ll keep you posted!

  2. Clearing fencelines is tedious, but it's one of those jobs it's a relief to have done! I'm interested in your mini-hugelkultur beds! We may do some in our browse area too, now that the old pines are mostly removed.

  3. Yes,Leigh! It will be very rewarding to have them done, and I think we will have an additional 50 feet of additional hay growing area. We are excited about our new garden project, and I will share that soon! Got snow tonight but only about an inch. with a high of only 34 tomorrow, it looks like a couple of days till we get in the garden again.