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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

 May 17, 2022

I have tried six ways of Sunday to reply to comments  on my blog, and to no avail.  Guess if you all are patient enough, I will reply to the comments on my next following blog.  So sorry that I am dumbfounded by this #@&§?! technology glitch! 

Thank you Leigh, and Rosalea, I didn’t know if the water trough garden beds would work, but they have certainly removed a lot of doubt that we had.  I am trying to get an additional two every fall, and hope to wind up with twenty total…we will see, Lol !  

The brandy I make is just a simple recipe, and it is a way for me to use up all the frozen fruit that we didn’t eat up.  Freezer space is needed for this coming season.

It does make for some great Christmas giveaways!

I did two additional recipes this week, to use up some strawberries.  

I put the date it will be ready to filter and bottle.  I just searched on line making brandy with frozen fruit.  I have enjoyed the blackberry brandy a lot!  HaHa!  

We have also worked on getting the little trailer wooden floor preserved, since it lost its space in the garage to our travel trailer!  We pressure washed the wood, then did two coats of wood stain sealer.

We also have been working on the front flag pole flower bed.  The dirt had eroded around the bed, and the stones were all falling precariously all around the darn thing.  We took it all apart, and added some mulchey dirt.  I had to split a couple of stones to make it even.  It worked without much trouble.

We haven’t finished the project yet, but I will be posting when it’s done.

Look what showed up this morning!

Sweet potato squash!  I’m so very happy!

We did manage to get a motorcycle ride in this week!

Get a great week and of course…some porch sittin done!


  1. Thank you for the recipe! Great idea for frozen fruit that's past it's freezer date. I'm thinking for seedy berries too, like blackberries and raspberries. And easier than making wine.

    I finally solved the commenting problem by switching web browsers. At least until the next time they "improve" blogger, lol.

    Delighted to see the sweet potato squash coming up! Everything is struggling here because we haven't had rain for weeks. Such is summer.

  2. Its good to get some of those other little (not so little!) chores done. Trailer and flag pole bed look great. Good to see those green sprouts. Just put in my glad rows and broccoli yesterday, June will be squash and bean time here. We had an inch of badly needed rain on Tuesday, so just need some warmth now, and it is coming!