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Friday, September 24, 2021

 September 24, 2021

Wow!  Can’t imagine that it has been a month since I last posted!  We have been busy with the garden finishing up, and the PawPaw harvest is done.  We are gearing up for persimmon harvest, and following that will be the black walnut processing.  

In our spare time, we decided to remodel our Minnie Winnie travel trailer.  We are not table sitting people, and that is the only sitting area in our camper.  We decided to remove the pit table, and replace it with recliners.

This is what it looked like before removal.

This was a project that we were concerned about, and hoped the pit would come out without destroying it, just in case we needed to put it back! 

 I felt slightly like a pretzel, but piece by piece it came apart.  
Poof…it was gone!  

We found some rocker recliners that were smaller than normal, and they are very comfortable!

Much better, in our opinion!  What do you all think?

Our weather has significantly changed, and our fall harvest display is ready to welcome the soon to be falling leaves!  

My mums are not open yet, but hopefully they will be open soon!  

Signing off from the ridge…y’all come back soon!


  1. Wow, the recliners in the travel trailer is a really good idea! No sense keeping things that are never used.

    Your fall decorations look really good too. A lovely touch for a most welcome season.

    1. Thank you, Leigh! We are looking forward to the relaxation of winter travel this year. Don’t you simply love the fall? I do enjoy all seasons, but I think fall is my most favorite, as we have lined the shelves and stocked the freezer with our garden bounty, and wind down for hot coffee and more porch sittin! Have a great week!

  2. Great idea to replace what you won't use with something that you will use. I'm interested in how you'll handle those black walnuts...

    1. Thank you, Rosalea! We are most excited for the travel time this winter! I will most definitely be posting the process of black walnut harvest on this blog. It is just the way we do it, and works for us. Hoping you have a perfect week, and some porch sittin along the way!

  3. Hi Dino ♥ Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog last week. Means a lot. ♥ I LOVE your fall decorations and I'm quite envious of your remodel!

  4. Thank you, Rain. Powerful is the heart, when connected to unconditional love, and so it is ! We have such a great time, learning new things…and believe me… this remodel was truly a new thing! I have always loved the fall, and decorating for it just seems to make me smile! Hope your days are better, and your pain is soothing some. Get a good week, my friend!