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Monday, March 29, 2021

 March 29, 2021

Never a dull moment, here on our farm.

In the process of taking the dog out for some sunshine, we found this visitor in the front flower bed.

Let’s just say that Miss Piggy made herself at home, while we tried to figure out where she came from.

She had escaped from a farm a half mile down the road.  The owner showed up with a bucket of corn and walked her back where she belonged.  I’m just thankful that my garden isn’t in right now...that would not have been good!



  1. That was quite the visitor! Hope the neighbour is going to make sure she stays home in the future.

  2. Oh wow I'm so glad to know you are blogging! No, I had no idea, but consider me a loyal follower! :))) Oh wow...a big Miss Piggy indeed! I'm glad her human found her! :)

    1. Welcome Rain! Thanks so much for stopping by! We were really happy that she got back to her home too! It was funny watching him carry that bucket of corn, and she just trotted right behind him...Haha! Have a great weekend!